The EOS PGL.MLT BP is a fully self funded entity. Maintaining a 100% self-funded startup allows us to stay true to our values and most of all, show our conviction in bringing value to the EOS Mainnet. It will be operated and maintained by two companies in partnership, Tezo Systems and WE CAN, and each company has 60% and 40% ownership respectively. Tezo Systems and WE CAN are both technology companies dedicated to the mission goals of EOS and EOSIO software. This partnership is responsible for the creation of EOSMicroLoan and EOSMarketPlace. We can is based in Lviv, Ukraine and Teo Systems is based in Los Angeles, California.

Allocation of Funds

The funds will be used to pay staff, hardware maintenance, hardware purchases, with the rest going to the movement Hu-Fi. The idea behind the movement is that WE CAN change the way we do business with one another. Gone are the days when we depended on a check, fiat currency, credit card, or other third party means to legitimize payments between two people.

Vote Buying

EOS PGL.MLT and its team members will never pay for votes. Paying for votes is not part of our objective. It does not fit with our values or the nature of the EOS blockchain. We believe it is crucial that we avoid any semblance of vote buying. We want to earn votes on the basis of aur added value to the community, not because of financial incentives.

RAM Speculation

We at EOS PGL.MLT will never use our BP rewards to buy RAM for the purpose of Speculation. Our desire is to attract all types of developers to build applications on EOS and make the world a better place. We will not participate in "insider trading" by sharing information about RAM with friends or family. No member of the EOS PGL.MLT team will use a personal wallet to speculate on RAM.