Mission Statement

WE CAN change the way we do business for the better. How? By using EOS and EOSIO to create liquidity through fully-backed, no-interest loans created by an EOS user to another EOS user. We have taken the first step to prove it is possible. WE CAN make human generated finances a reality. We will be supporting the tools necessary to make this possible. #HU-FI

Community Involvement

EOS Micro Loan has been the leader in providing micro loans to jump start economic activity in depressed and oppressed areas, but the tools can work anywhere. There are multiple parts of the Hu-Fi movement. The first part of EOS Micro Loan as the EOS account eosmicroloan is that fully backed, no interest micro loans are created for EOS account holders that show a potential to not only pay it back, but grow the philosophy. There is a significant point of view that is adopted in this process. All loans are priced in US dollars, but the cancellation of the loan is in EOS and the use of EOSIO. This is very significant because it protects both parties from violent price changes in the EOS crypto currency value. If one borrows $5.00 dollars, then the value of the loan remains at $5.00 no matter the price of EOS from one day to the other.

The second, and most significant part, of the Hu-Fi movement is that the code EOS Micro Loan, eosmicrofund, can be used by any individual to create liquidity for another individual without interference from a third party. Jekyll Island the Truth Behind the Federal Reserve, a documentary produced by Maurice Vanegas, shows us that the Federal Reserve Dollar is created into existence through debt. Unfortunately, this debt is not fully backed due to the new liquidity being created by fractional reserve lending. The other significant way liquidity is created is by the borrowing of the nation. When a call for loans is originated through the sale of bonds and private hands do not purchase the offers entirely, then the Federal Reserve steps in to provide the rest of the funding. This process where the Federal Reserve steps in to provide the funding is also fractional. Do we really know that the Federal Reserve has the assets to lend?

The ideas above have been brought together through EOS Market Place. It became costly to make the eosmicrofund code available to individual EOS accounts. This was solved by introducing the smart contract eosmarketplc. With the advent of eosmarketplc anyone can create liquidity to another individual. We have turned monetary policy on its head. Instead of having a few entities providing the creation of liquidity using fractional reserve means, and charging interest on monies they never had; the Hu-Fi movement through EOSIO and EOS gives the power to create a fully-backed, no-interest loan on the blockchain to everyone. The potential of this idea is encouraging. This means, as an example, that everyone with a skill set and time on their hands can offer another EOS account holder a loan for the services without having to wait for the value, fiat in most cases, to arrive for the job to be done.

Code of Conduct Overview

The code of conduct is one that I welcome everyone to view for themselves. Thanks to the blockchain, words on a paper matter only if it they fully backed by actions. Everyone is invited to audit the account eosmicroloan to view the number of micro loans that have been created. Everyone is invited to audit the account eosmarketplc to view the number of micro loans created between community members.

This is what we do. This what we have been doing. This is what we strive to continue to do. We ask you to consider voting for us, bppgl.mlt or our proxy vote.mlt to be a high value block producer; we aim to make EOS the best that we know it can be.